Jean-Charles Stinville is the 2024 recipient of the National Science Foundation‘s Faculty Early Career Development Program – NSF CAREER Award for his work in Fatigue of Metallic Materials. His goal is to Leveraging Plastic Deformation Mechanisms Interactions in Metallic Materials to Access Extraordinary Fatigue Strength. Metallic materials used in structural engineering are vital to a …

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Racheff Fellowship

Chris Bean has been selected for the Racheff Teaching Fellowship. The fellowship comes with a stipend for excellent Teaching Assistants who assist in providing high-quality instruction to the undergraduate students in the MatSE Departments in the junior and senior year laboratories or courses in the department’s core curriculum. In Fall 2022, Chris was also named …

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Plenary Speaker at SuperAlloys2022

Dr. J.C. Stinville will give a plenary talk at SuperAlloys2022 on Plastic localization and Fatigue Strength in Polycrystalline Nickel-Based Superalloys. Abstract: Correlations between fatigue strength and monotonic strengths such as yield strength and ultimate tensile strength exist for polycrystalline face-centered cubic (fcc) and hexagonal close-packed (hcp) alloys. It is observed that fatigue strength increases with …

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