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Materials Science and Engineering


Multiobjective Engineering and Testing of Alloy Structures (METALS)

In traditional design and manufacturing of planes, ships, vehicles, and other engineered structures, every part or individual component is typically constructed from a single material. …

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Leveraging Plastic Deformation Mechanisms Interactions in Metallic Materials to Access Extraordinary Fatigue Strength

The research initiative seeks to explore and identify the interactions of plastic deformation mechanisms in metallic materials. By focusing on beneficial interactions, we aim to …

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Post-instability Induced by Phase Change on Dynamic Fracture in Macroporous Materials

Exploration of unconventional reservoirs such as gas and oil shales has become an essential natural gas and oil source in North America. Hydraulic fracturing is …

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Deformation Processes and Mechanical Properties at Cryogenic Temperatures

Learning Microstructure- and Temperature-Dependencies of Grain Boundary Plastic Deformation Localization via Multi-modal In situ Characterization: Numerous failure mechanisms in engineering alloy parts are correlated to …

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Advanced Energy Storage: Liquid Hydrogen Supply Chain

Hydrogen is becoming an increasingly appealing clean energy carrier, as the costs of renewable energy generation and water electrolysis continuously decline. With increasing and diversifying …

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High-Resolution Digital Image Correlation at Extreme Temperatures

This international research project (IRP) aims to bring together various French and American labs to focus on the measurement of kinematic fields at the microstructural …

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Center of Interfacial Materials Science with Autonomous Electron Microscopy

Electrons are charged particles that can be focused with magnetic lenses. When accelerated to high energies (~102 keV), they become ultra-fine probes with large scattering …

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