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Bichromatic Reflectometric Pyrometer – PhonOptics

Bichromatic Reflectometric Pyrometer – PhonOptics  – This advanced device marks a new era in precision temperature measurement. What makes this Pyrometer Special? Unparalleled Accuracy: …

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In-Situ Mechanical Stage for Cryogenic, Room and High Temperatures

NewTec MT1300: The present mechanical stage allows tensile and compressive loading inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM) at cryogenic, room, and high temperatures.

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Cryostat and Immersion Systems for Materials Testing at Cryogenic Temperatures (4K/77K/123K)

The types of equipment are used to characterize the deformation processes of metallic materials under monotonic or cyclic fatigue loading and extreme cryogenic environments. Temperatures …

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Very High Cycle Fatigue Frame

The equipment is used for the characterization of deformation processes of metallic materials under very high cycle fatigue loading and extreme environments. The frame is …

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GPU workstation

Graphics processing unit workstation designed for technical or scientific applications. This equipment is used for advanced and compute-intensive software. The present computer, with its 40000 …

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