Stinville Research Group

Materials Science and Engineering



Jean-Charles Stinville is the 2024 recipient of the National Science Foundation‘s Faculty Early Career Development Program – NSF CAREER Award for his work in Fatigue of Metallic Materials. His goal is to Leveraging Plastic Deformation Mechanisms Interactions in Metallic Materials to Access Extraordinary Fatigue Strength.

Metallic materials used in structural engineering are vital to a wide range of industries. However, many metals and alloys exhibit limited resistance to repeated loading (Fatigue), limiting their sustainability. Metallic materials under repeated loading localize deformation at the nanometer scale that ultimately leads to crack initiation and fracture. Pre-deformation under extreme temperatures is used in the present project to generate initial deformation states that hinder the localization of the deformation under repeated loading. First, the deformation behavior of metallic materials at the nanometer scale under extreme temperatures is determined. Then, through this fundamental understanding, deformation states from extreme temperature deformations that hinder the localization of the deformation when the material is subject to repeated loading are identified. This endeavor aims to equip current metals and alloys with the competitive edge and sustainability required to meet the ever-evolving needs of our society and advancing technology.


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