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Recent advances in material characterization and computational simulation in conjunction with advanced data analysis tools enable the identification of the effects of the chemistry, grain structure, phases, and crystal structure on the properties of metallic materials. The identification of the relevant intrinsic material parameters at the nanoscopic and microscopic scale allows the design of new metallic alloys with unprecedented properties. Through the synergistic interaction among computation, experiment, and theory, the design of these novel materials can be significantly accelerated to advance human society for a sustainable future.

When considering chemistry, and the multiscale hierarchical microstructures of metallic materials, the design space for novel metallic materials is enormous. Conventional experimental characterizations are insufficient to rapidly and statistically capture the effect of the complex hierarchical structure of metallic alloys. Our group develops and utilizes novel experimental characterizations for rapid, quantitative and statistical measurements of deformation processes. These novel measurements are used in conjunction with computational and theoretical approaches and with advanced multi-modal and multi-scale dataset analysis methods to guide the design of new metallic alloys, with exceptional mechanical properties, for use in energy, transportation, and environmental applications.

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