Stinville Research Group

Materials Science and Engineering


Leveraging Plastic Deformation Mechanisms Interactions in Metallic Materials to Access Extraordinary Fatigue Strength

The research initiative seeks to explore and identify the interactions of plastic deformation mechanisms in metallic materials. By focusing on beneficial interactions, we aim to achieve remarkable fatigue strength in face-centered cubic materials. This project will explore how plasticity localizes when various deformation mechanisms compete. Our approach will use in-situ characterization tools, adept at statistically and qualitatively determining plastic localization, to study the array of possible deformation mechanisms interactions within metallic materials. Building on this knowledge, we will introduce pre-deformation pathways at extreme temperatures to create initial plastic localization states that hinder cyclic irreversibility, a factor that governs material fracture. By manipulating plastic localization at the nanoscale through deformation at extreme temperatures, we will enhance the fatigue strength of structural metals dramatically.

NSF Award: 2338346

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