Stinville Research Group

Materials Science and Engineering


Annual Review of Materials Research

The Stinville group, in partnership with researchers from UCSB, Mines ParisTech, UIUC, and BAM, has recently published an article in the prestigious ARMR journal. The paper presents groundbreaking research endeavors focused on comprehending the localization of plasticity in metals.

Advanced experimental and numerical approaches are being developed to capture the localization of plasticity at the nanometer scale as a function of the multiscale and heterogeneous microstructure present in metallic materials. These innovative approaches promise new avenues to understand microstructural effects on mechanical properties, accelerate alloy design, and enable more accurate mechanical property prediction. This article provides an overview of emerging approaches with a focus on the localization of plasticity by crystallographic slip. New insights into the mechanisms and mechanics of strain localization are addressed. The consequences of the localization of plasticity by deformation slip for mechanical properties of metallic materials are also detailed.

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