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Strain Delocalization Engineering

Developing new advanced materials that delay and minimize plastic localization and accumulation: Strain Delocalization Engineering

The aptitude of the materials to localize the deformation is controlling mechanical properties. By metallurgical processing (control of the texture, chemistry, segregation, etc…) the microstructure can be modified to trigger mechanisms that delay and minimize the localization of the plasticity.

Selected Publications:

M.A. Charpagne, J.C. Stinville, A.T. Polonsky, M.P. Echlin, S.P. Murray, Z. Chen, N. Bozzolo, J. Cormier, V. Valle, T.M. Pollock. Tuning strain localization in polycrystalline nickel-based superalloys by thermomechanical processing. Superalloys 2020, 2020.

Y. Gu, J.C. Stinville, P.G. Callahan, M.P. Echlin, T.M. Pollock, J.A. El-Awady. Slip delocalization and diffusion mediated carbide formation during fatigue of a nickel-base superalloy. International Journal of Fatigue, 2021.

S. Hémery, J.C. Stinville, F. Wang, M.A. Charpagne, M. Emigh, T.M. Pollock, V. Valle. Strain localization and fatigue crack formation at (0001) twist boundaries in titanium alloys. Acta Materialia, 2021.

M.A. Charpagne, J. Hestroffer, A. T. Polonsky, M.P. Echlin, D. Texier, V. Valle, I. J. Beyerlein, T. M.Pollock, J.C. Stinville. Slip localization in Inconel 718: a three-dimensional and statistical perspective. Acta Materialia, 2021.

J. Cappola, J.C. Stinville, M.A. Charpagne, P.G. Callahan, M.P. Echlin, T.M. Pollock, A. Pilchak, M. Kasemer. On the Localization of Plastic Strain in Microtextured Regions of Ti-6Al-4V. Acta Materialia, 2021.


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