Plenary Speaker at SuperAlloys2022

Dr. J.C. Stinville will give a plenary talk at SuperAlloys2022 on Plastic localization and Fatigue Strength in Polycrystalline Nickel-Based Superalloys. Abstract: Correlations between fatigue strength and monotonic strengths such as yield strength and ultimate tensile strength exist for polycrystalline face-centered cubic (fcc) and hexagonal close-packed (hcp) alloys. It is observed that fatigue strength increases with …

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Sharing Data and Know-how in Materials Science

We believe sharing openly the expertise and Data is of primary importance in Materials Science. Advanced datasets or knowledge on advanced experiments are too often restricted to a few research groups. We believe that research can be accelerated by sharing the know-how and state-of-the-art dataset. Consequently, Advanced experimental techniques used in the group or among …

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